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User Feedback - Listen To The Voice of Your Customer

In today's world, customers have a powerful voice📢 and are not afraid to use it. Therefore, listening to their feedback and having a meaningful post-call engagement is critical for any business.

It's the key to improving your products and services, understanding your target audience, creating a strong brand recall, reaching your business goals, and continuously evolving and innovating.

Say goodbye👋 to guessing what your customers think, and say hello to User Feedback! 

Our latest feature takes the guesswork out of customer feedback. With User Feedback, you'll get a quick and easy way to gather valuable insights and opinions from your customers after each call.

Not only will User Feedback help you understand your customers better, but it will also boost post-call engagement and build trust.

It's a win-win!🤝

User Feedback feature comes in three engaging formats:

  • Ratings: A simple scale-based feedback format that allows customers to rate their experience

  • Questions: A more in-depth feedback format for detailed understanding of a customer's opinion with an input field.

  • Surveys: A multiple-choice questionnaire format to gather even more valuable insights.

That's not all; you can just run one or the three features in combination across answered, missed, and rejected calls to get the right insights to ramp up your business efficiency.

With the User Feedback feature, we wanted businesses to drive value with our offerings and now have touchpoints at feedback - a critical step missing in the communication experience. 

A quick background

Back in 2021, when we started our journey, we offered identity and context with our Verfied Business Caller ID and Call Reason feature. In 2022 we launched the Video Caller ID and Call Me Back feature to bring differentiation and intent in the customer journey.

With User Feedback, its full circle for us to help business users build communication experience at all critical customer touch points🎉

Many industries, including E-commerce, Edtech, Fintech, Real Estate, BFSI, and Healthcare, have been considered in tailoring the User Feedback feature. We've ensured that it's interactive and suitable for organizations across all industries, regardless of their feedback pain points.

Let's say you're in the BFSI industry. After a detailed conversation about a loan offer with a customer support team member, you can set post-call feedback. Using the User Feedback feature on answered calls, you can ask the right questions like:

  • Did the call solve your problem? With a multi-choice option of "Yes" or "No."

  • How would you rate our service? With a 1-5 rating scale, gauge your customer satisfaction.

  • What did we miss on the call? With the question format, get the customer's opinion with a user input field. 

What you get in turn, helps you ramp up your calling process: 

#1 Agent efficiency


#3 Process efficiency 

Similarly, you can simulate different feedback questions on use cases to get valuable insights and feedback to improve your brand experience.

So start listening to your customers today with User Feedback? To know more, reach us at -