Video Caller ID: Add the next level of identity & context to your business calls!
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  • Video Caller ID: Add the next level of identity & context to your business calls!
Video Caller ID: Add the next level of identity & context to your business calls!

How can one sum up modern customer communication in a sentence? 

Something that is verified, contextual, and deeply distinctive. 

So what better way than using branded, contextual videos to differentiate your business caller identity from the rest? 

With our new Video Caller ID feature, you can make your business calls stand out.  

Video Caller ID feature is the latest addition to our enterprise offerings, enabling businesses to augment or package their verified caller ID with customized business use case videos (as shown below). 

Once you enable this feature, you add an extra layer of brand trust and identity to your calls and deliver a more lively communication experience to consumers. You can successfully connect with more high-intent customers by presenting yourself as an expressive and interactive brand that wants to communicate with utmost transparency.  

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Key highlights of Video Caller ID 

  • You can quickly set up your video caller ID in 5 steps. 

  • You can seamlessly load customizable videos for your critical business use cases. 

  • You can conveniently choose from landscape and portrait modes.  

  • You can leave a lasting impression on your customers by having your branded video on the After Call screen.

Video Caller ID is highly relevant for business use cases like: 

  • Ecommerce: Delivery fulfillment calls.

  • Edtech: Reminder for class/Payment reminder.

  • Foodtech: Food delivery status calls.

  • Bank: Security call regarding OTP fraud.

  • Fintech: KYC verification calls

  • Automobile: Service due call/response for test drive booking.

  • Real Estate: Reminder call for property visit.

  • Healthcare: Sample collection/reminder call, doctor appointment reminder, etc.

This is how you can quickly set up your Video Caller ID: 

Step 1:  Click on the Video Caller ID section on the left navigation. After that, click the ”Create Video Caller ID” button to start uploading videos.

Step 2:  Step 2: Add landscape and portrait videos as per the recommendation. Please note that it is mandatory to upload the video in landscape mode to enable Video Caller ID.

Step 3:  Once you upload the video, you will see the representation of the Video Caller ID in the preview section. Click the “Upload” button to complete the Video Caller ID creation process.

Step 4 - Initially your Video Caller ID will be inactive. To activate it, click on Add numbers button.

Step 5: Select the Number Group for which you want to enable Video Caller ID or upload a CSV file to add new numbers.

Step 6 - Press the Add button to activate the Video Caller ID.

Video Caller ID and the Call Me Back features are now available in our Advanced Plan to further empower your business communication. For more information, you can reach us at