Call Me Back Update: Now Get An Idea of Customer Availability With Time Slot Selection
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Call Me Back Update: Now Get An Idea of Customer Availability With Time Slot Selection

We keenly listen to our users and keep revisiting our mission to make Truecaller for Business an all-inclusive communication experience platform.

In 2022, we launched Call Me Back, a breakthrough feature that enables businesses to see customer readiness/willingness for a conversation with a simple “Call Me Back” option. Though it helps in understanding customer intent, our users also wanted a clear idea of customer availability:

  • To have the complete customer attention for a detailed conversation

  • To improve the agent’s Calling ROI 

Considering the feedback from our customer ecosystem, we have enhanced our Call Me Back feature to help businesses with customer intent and availability.  The new feature update will enable: 

✔️ Better CX with fewer repeat calls - By having a clear idea of customer intent and availability, you can call them when they are genuinely interested in having a conversation, thereby delivering a positive experience. 

✔️ Lower contact center cost and better agent optimization - By identifying and calling interested consumers, you can reduce your repeat calls,  which can help you with cost opitimization and agent’s productivity. 

✔️ Callback request on user-preferred slots to improve calling efficiency - By seamlessly connecting with consumers at their preferred time, you can enhance your calling performance. 

✔️ Better lead qualification with intelligent segmentation - You can segregate high-intent leads from the noise by enabling consumers to show their intent with a callback. 

As shown in the illustration below, your customers can now schedule the callback using our Slot Picker feature - giving you a clear indication of their availability with options like Evening, Tomorrow, and Weekend.

Customer journey post the Call Me Back enhancement.

Suppose you are a bank looking to share info on personal loans and your customers miss your call: 

  • Your interested customers will visually dedicate their time to your business calls (besides requesting a callback) and show a stronger intent for your offerings.

Similarly, if you are an automobile company and want to confirm the test drive date with your prospect: 

  • The genuine car buyer will schedule the callback, and your agent will be more assured going into the call. 

We are sure this feature update will make your CX journey more purposeful than ever. To know more, reach us at -