Call Me Back - Get A Clear Idea of Customer INTENT For Your Business Offerings
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Call Me Back - Get A Clear Idea of Customer INTENT For Your Business Offerings

Why don't customers pick up business calls? 

The answer to it is multi-layered, as there are different scenarios: 

Scenario 1: Customers don’t know who is calling them, as the calls don’t carry any brand identity. 

Scenario 2: They know who is calling them but don’t have the intent to engage in a conversation. 

Scenario 3: They are busy in an environment where they cannot pick up or are likely to miss the call. 

It is crucial for businesses to differentiate between Scenario 1 and 2, as you might end up calling customers too many times, assuming they have missed your calls (who actually don’t have the intent). This misunderstanding can backfire, as customers may mark your call as spam out of frustration, which can seriously dent your brand reputation. 

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Now with our Call Me Back feature, you won’t miss out on user intent.

You won’t miss any business opportunity to connect with high-intent customers. 

For business calls that are unattended or missed, Call Me Back enables interested customers to request a call back from business representatives. Upon receiving the callback request, the representative can connect with customers at a convenient time. 

This can go a long way in enhancing your brand reputation. Scammers don’t respect customers’ time and can call at any odd hour of the day. But with Call Me Back you can reach out to high-intent customers when they are available to have detailed conversations. You can depict yourself as a considerate brand and add more substance to your reputation.

Why do businesses need Call Me Back feature?

Call Me Back empowers businesses on three fronts:

1. Purposeful calling

  • Understand user intent and make your calls relevant

  • Significantly reduce the number of repeat calls

2. Cost optimization 

  • Focus on high intent leads

  • Optimize customer engagement and call quality

3. Seamless communication 

  • Keep the window open for conversations to go on

  • Reduce wait time on support calls

It’s quick to set up and activate Call Me Back:

You can activate Call Me Back in 2- 4 hours for the chosen numbers. Here are the steps to enable the feature: 

Step 1: Enable the Call Me Back functionality when using it for the first time. 

Step 2: Read and agree to the Terms of Service to enable the feature.

Step 3: Add the numbers on which Call Me Back will be enabled. 

Step 4: Upload new numbers in CSV format or select from Number Groups to enable Call Me Back.

Step 5: The process completion message will appear once Call Me Back is enabled.

The callback data is available on the business console on a real-time basis. Businesses can download the logs based on the frequency defined at their end to take action.  Truecaller shares this information daily via email. The email has a daily count of callback requests along with a link to self serve Call Me Back section to download the CSV file.

Call Me Back along with our Video Caller ID feature is now available in our advanced pricing plan, to further empower your business communication. For more information, you can reach us at