Showcase Your Brand Personality With Business Profile
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Showcase Your Brand Personality With Business Profile

Building and maintaining a strong brand is more important than ever in today's digital age. It is not just expensive but also requires attention grabbing, especially in today's fast evolving digital era and your customers adapting to the latest trends of brand marketing; it is essential to always be ahead in the game. 

With the attention span of users decreasing and the fifteen second marketing at its peak, we understand how important it is to use those few seconds to make an impact. 

A verified business visibility on critical touchpoints can help you gain user trust and make your brand more accessible. With our Business Profile feature, you can now share your business info and show your authentic brand personality exclusively to Truecaller Users.

The Business Profile feature gives you dedicated sections where you can:

  • Display your verified brand name and logo - you can elevate your brand reputation and create a positive impression in the minds of consumers.   

  • Exhibit your online presence and enhance your accessibility  - you can add your website and social media links (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) along with your play store and app store links. 

  • Add visual context and appeal with handpicked images - you can add the pictures (a minimum of 3 to maximum of 5) of your business offerings or services and create a strong visual impression.   

  • Summarize your business for users - you can tell your brand story and  concisely describe your business and value proposition. 

So don’t miss out on showcasing your brand on the most trusted touchpoint, and create your Business Identity Profile immediately. To know more, reach us at -