Business Call Reason: Let Your Users Know Why You Are Calling Them!
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Business Call Reason: Let Your Users Know Why You Are Calling Them!

What if I tell you that you can finally stop and let your customers know why you are calling them?

All you need is the Truecallers Verified Business Caller Id’s latest Call Reason feature. 

Mind-blown, right?

What is Call Reason? And why your business needs it today!

Well, to begin with, this new feature helps to let your customer know why they are calling them (you do want distinct yourself and more context to business calls right?). All the more, it adds an oomph to your overall calling experience, giving the power to your customers to take a call basis the intent being relevant to them.

And to avail of this, all you need is your business number to be part of the Verified Caller ID program with Truecaller.

Now that you know the whats, it's time to dig a bit deeper into the whys.

Swiggy Testimonial

Well, you must have heard about cold calling (and no, it's still not dead, at least yet)

Most businesses still rely on calling for their user sales and service. And tend to miss out on user attention because they don't have a view of why the business is calling them.

With this feature, your number will show up with a small pre-text that will help your customers to understand why are you calling. And the research states that people who introduce themselves from the get-go, put their end users’ minds at rest. And after all, that is what any business wants.

Overall, this feature assures your customer that ‘you’ are safe and helps build trust with your end-user.

How to set up Truecaller’s Call Reason?

Step 1 - Activating Call Reason from the business console

  • Click on the Call Reason option on the left-hand menu. 

  • Next, select the ‘Create call reason’ button to begin the process. 

Call Reason 1

Step 2 - Adding the ‘reason

  • Add the call reason as per your calling intent. (Examples can include ‘delivery,’ ‘your business name,’ ‘your next home or property)

  • You can preview your ‘reasons’ on the dashboard itself.

Step 3 - Adding the numbers!

  • After your reason, click on the Add numbers button. 

  • You’ll see two options - Number Grouping and Upload number 

  • Select Number Grouping if you’d like to add the call reason to a specific number grouping 

  • You can assign the ‘reason’ to the existing numbers by uploading a .CSV. 

Call reason 3

Step 4 - And, you’re done! 

  • Within the next 48 hours, your number will be verified and your call reason will get activated. 

How Call Reason can improve your business calling process

Here’s the thing, with Call Reason you can -

  • Improve your calling process efficiency 

  • Build trust with your end-users 

  • Analytics to tell you what’s working and what’s not

This feature is built to not only protect but help communicate your business objective from the time your end-user sees the call.

Whether you need to dial that number for sales or to offer a service, Call Reason helps authenticate your business and sets up a trust factor with your end-user. 

Make follow-ups, scheduled calls, or even reminders seamless and build a seamless calling experience with Truecaller Verified Business Caller ID. And since your end-users want nothing else other than an anti-scam experience, Call Reason helps to build that up.