3 Sure Shot Ways To Improve Your Brand Reputation With Verified Business Identity
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  • 3 Sure Shot Ways To Improve Your Brand Reputation With Verified Business Identity
3 Sure Shot Ways To Improve Your Brand Reputation With Verified Business Identity

Your business identity and brand reputation go hand in hand, and if voice call is integral to your customer communication, then this article is a must read.

They say the numbers don’t lie. According to Truecaller Insights US Spam & Scam Report 2022,  a shocking $39.5 billion USD* was lost to phone scams in America over the past 12 months. Around 68 million Americans were at the receiving end, and 61% of these people were duped by Robocallers. India also faced a similar predicament with 3.8 billion calls being identified as spam per month. 

By looking at these numbers, the call avoidance behaviour across the world seems justified. However, the customer inertia for voice calls is resulting in missed opportunities for businesses. Even the priority calls are not getting the required attention from customers. In such a scenario, your brand reputation is at stake, and you may find it challenging to instill a sense of trust among customers and make the most of voice call as a touchpoint.

If voice calls are integral to your customer engagement, what steps can you possibly take to maintain or enhance your business identity and brand reputation? 

You can probably follow these calling practices:


  • Making calls during customer-friendly time windows.  

  • Ensuring your call centre agents engage amicably with customers.

  • Consistently following up to gauge customer satisfaction.

  • Building a centralized knowledge base for customers. 

Although these practices can ensure a speckless customer experience, your brand reputation can still dip if you don’t have a verified and branded caller identity. In other words, you can enhance your brand reputation at a crucial customer touchpoint with a verified business identity.    

Customer experience matters, but so does your brand reputation and recall

Surprisingly, the association of brand reputation and business identity isn’t top-of-mind for businesses. Your brand reputation is determined by the quality of customer experience you deliver and your recall value.  

Those mentioned above “best practices” can come into play only when a customer answers the call. Therefore, to derive the benefits of the “best practices” you need to make your business calls more trustworthy and purposeful so that customers pick them up without any hesitation. 

With Truecaller Verified Business Caller ID, you can achieve both in one go and reach your customers with confidence, context, and credibility.


By accurately displaying your brand name, logo, verification badges, and business category tags. 

Brand reputation is about reaching out to customers with the right reason

When you use an unverified caller ID, imposters or scammers can easily spoof your numbers and incessantly spam customers without any rhyme or reason. Therefore, if you don’t work towards your brand reputation, your business identity may take a hit.

If your business calls display the call reason and verification badges, customers would know they are getting calls from a genuine representative.

Remember - Scammers never take that much pain to deliver a seamless calling experience to customers. But you should.

Your brand reputation builds when you maintain seamlessness and transparency in your communication. Mentioning call reason in your business calls can be the ultimate ice-breaker between you and your customers because:


  • By adding the call reason, you can depict yourself as a purposeful brand that values the time of customers and users.

  • You can create an impression that you know and understand your customers’ needs and priorities.

  • Once you set the context, even your follow-up calls won’t appear intrusive to customers. 

  • With business call reason, you can deliver a seamless calling experience.

Brand reputation is about connecting with the right customers at the right time.

Scammers don’t respect customers’ time and can call at any odd hour of the day. You, on the other hand, can build your brand reputation by connecting with the right customers at the right time. 

For example, if you have a verified business caller ID, you can give customers the option to request a callback. This way, you can know your high-intent customers and engage with them at the right time. Moreover, you can depict yourself as a considerate brand that adds more substance to your reputation. 

Brand reputation is about going beyond customer relationship management

Building strong customer relationships through personalization (dynamic websites, AI chatbots, targeted campaigns, etc) is an approach businesses across different industries follow. 

However, brand reputation is also about repeated visibility. It’s about frequently displaying your brand identity in a visually authentic and appealing way to customers. You need to think beyond customer relationship management (CRM) and ensure this extent of visibility for your brand - something which you can quickly achieve with a verified business caller ID. 

A customer touchpoint like Voice Call allows you to present your business identity in front of customers multiple times a day. Truecaller Verified Business Caller ID can make your presentation more trustworthy, purposeful, and easy on the eyes.