Verified Business Caller ID: The Secret Sauce for Building Brand Identity and Trust.
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  • Verified Business Caller ID: The Secret Sauce for Building Brand Identity and Trust.
Verified Business Caller ID: The Secret Sauce for Building Brand Identity and Trust.

Why your brand experience is broken?

As a business, getting customer attention is of utmost importance. But genuine business calls often get ignored by consumers, because:

  • They are unable to recognize calls from business' representatives, as there is no brand name or logo on the Caller ID. 

  • In some cases, the name appears improper (misspelled), which puts the brand in a bad light.  

  • The caller being unidentified makes consumers suspicious and hesitant to take the calls. 

Millions of business calls are made daily for sales, support, delivery, verification, payment confirmation, etc. But unfortunately, there is too much noise and mistrust for calls as they lack brand identity. This results in:

  • Lack of immediate attention from users

  • Users unable to identify the brand

  • User-generated name on Caller ID (misspelled or skewed), which dents the brand reputation

  • No brand protection from spammers and scammers

Truecaller Verified Business Caller ID has been conceptualized to enable businesses to display an authentic brand identity over voice calls and deliver a positive experience to consumers. With our solution, you can add more efficiency to your business calling workflow. 

Build brand identity and trust.

Our Verified Business Caller ID solution adds a layer of trust and distinctiveness to their voice communication with:  

  • Green Screen - creating a positive impression for customers and prospects and making them more assured of the caller.

  • Brand Visibility - making customers instantly recognize the bank’s sales and support teams with non-editable brand name and logo.  

  • Verified Business Badge - putting a stamp of genuineness and helping the bank stand out from fraudulent callers. 

  • Business Category Tag - adding more context and personality to the call.

  • Call Reason - setting the right expectations even before the call is picked up.

Managing your customer communication experience

With the Truecaller business console, you can seamlessly manage the communication experience with features like:

  • Label Creation/management

  • Number upload/management

  • Number Grouping

  • User Management

With smart features at your fingertips, you can have more control over your calling campaigns.

Ensure complete brand transparency

You get a fair shot even when your calls are marked as Spam by users. The green screen, verified business badge & other aspects remain intact, giving businesses a fair chance. Spam marking is subjective as it depends on numerous factors, including:

  • Nature of the calls

  • The intent of the call

  • Cold call vs follow-up

  • Prior context/brand association

  • Frequency of contact

  • Positioning of the business

Truecaller for Buisness is not a spam removal solution.

**We don't remove Spam marking for business but instead add brand identity and let users know the call's authenticity. As a result, we ensure a safer and more transparent mechanism for our users and business community. 

Analyzing your brand performance

If calling is an essential channel for your business, our analytics platform is a must-have. Easily manage your business numbers and view unique insights into calling patterns to discover the health of your brand's call campaigns. Get a detailed analysis of your user behavior, call pattern, usage, performance as per the calling process, call reason user behavior, and many such metrics to uplift your brand health score.


In today's highly competitive industry landscape, customer innovation and brand experience should be at the center of all communication-based organizations. In today's environment, where digital/online fraud is rising, the Truecaller Verified Business Caller ID helps genuine businesses distinguish themselves from phony and fraudulent entities. Trust is essential for brand experience, and Verified Business Caller ID is the secret sauce for creating a memorable brand experience with business calls and building trust with business identity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will a Verified Business Caller ID prevent my calls from being flagged as spam?

While a Verified Business Caller ID can reduce the chance of your calls being marked as spam, it's not a guarantee. Maintaining good call practices, such as not making excessive unwanted calls, is essential.

Does Verified Business Caller ID work on all phones?

The functionality and visibility of a Verified Business Caller ID may vary depending on the phone carrier, the type of phone, and its operating system. It's best to check with your service provider for specific details.

What happens if my business details change after setting up a Verified Business Caller ID?

If your business details change, you need to update this information with your service provider to ensure that the correct information is being displayed when you call customers.

What can I do if my business is impersonated by scammers using fake Caller IDs?

If you suspect your business is being impersonated, report the incident to your service provider and local law enforcement agencies. The more proactive you are in these situations, the more you can protect your brand's reputation.