Getting Marked As Spam Even With a Verified Business Caller ID? No Need To Press the Panic Button
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Getting Marked As Spam Even With a Verified Business Caller ID? No Need To Press the Panic Button

If you are reading this blog, I assume you already have enlisted your business numbers on the Truecaller Business platform. If not, then you can go through our knowledge base and get started. 

With Truecaller Verified Business Caller ID, businesses have seamlessly connected with customers and greatly improved their calling efficiency. This has been possible because of three simple reasons: 

  • Businesses can reach out to customers with a prominent brand identity (Brand name and logo).

  • Customers know why businesses are calling them (Business Call Reason).

  • Customers can ask businesses to call at an appropriate time. 

These three-pointers along with our upcoming features and enhancements reflect our purpose of making communication transparent, purposeful, and democratic for customers. 

Giving users the freedom to mark the calls as spam is nothing but an extension of this purpose. We are responsible for our users and want them to express their opinions on the calls they receive freely. Therefore, when a verified number is identified as spam by X number of people (where X has been determined by our homegrown algorithm), a spam score tag (with a red band as shown in the figure below) is displayed on the green caller ID.

Should you worry about it? Absolutely not

First and foremost, your "spam score" is not a universal verdict on your business and brand reputation. People may flag a call for various reasons, and some of those reasons may be specific and not apply to every individual. 


Whether your number gets marked as spam or not (even after using a verified called ID) is predominantly decided by the following factors: 

  • The frequency of calling - Getting back-to-back calls at odd hours is a big turn-off for most of us. By making too many calls in a day, you may come across as a pushy brand that doesn't value the time and priorities of customers. No matter how authentic your caller ID seems, a particular section of customers will mark your calls as spam if you don't rationalize your calling frequency. 

  • The nature of the call - You need to be precise with what kind of calls you make to which customers. For example, it may backfire if you keep making customary calls to people who have already explained their pain points to your customer support team. Eventually, they will run out of patience and flag your calls when they see your brand name popping up on their mobile screens. 

  • Brand experience - In an omnichannel ecosystem, people interact with brands via different channels (both online and offline). If a customer previously had a poor experience with your brand, let's say on an email or offline store, they may not respond to your call, even if you use a verified caller ID.

Truecaller Verified Business Caller ID is a brand identity solution. It enables you to showcase your brand name, logo, and industry tags to instill a sense of safety and trust into customers while preventing identity theft by scammers. Even after getting marked as spam:

  • Your green caller ID remains intact, along with the verified tick. 

  • Your brand identity (name, logo, tag) remains intact.

Why you shouldn't press the panic button

Our solution ensures your outbound calls are branded and purposeful so that you don't miss out on your high-intent customers. Your low-intent customers may still see your business calls as intrusive or irrelevant and flag them.

For example, if a bank is calling for KYC verification, then:

  • High-intent customers will be the ones who are yet to complete their KYC verification.

  • Low-intent customers will be the ones who have already completed their KYC verification.

You must see it from a "what you are gaining and what you are missing out" perspective. 

You gain the trust of highly relevant customers, and you mostly miss out on those who weren't your ideal audience in the first place. 

However, you can successfully connect with more customers and grow your business by focusing on the following aspects:

  • Relevancy - Don't take the "one size fits all" approach. Make your calls relevant by customizing your call reason according to the needs and priorities of different customer segments. You can also display your call reason in multiple languages to strike a chord with more customers. 

  • Differentiation - Add more distinction to your business calls with our Video Caller ID feature. You can display customizable and use case-based videos when calling customers.

I hope this article brings more clarity around “spam marking” and why it really isn’t a barrier for you to reach more high-intent customers. You can always refer to our FAQs around spam management to get a better understanding.