Truecaller Helps Rupifi Build Trustworthy And Authentic Brand Identity
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Truecaller Helps Rupifi Build Trustworthy And Authentic Brand Identity

Getting to know Rupifi 

Rupifi is a digital payments startup focused on B2B payments. Established in 2020, Rupifi’s technology platform brings B2B marketplaces such as Flipkart Wholesale, Retailio, and Fynd together with financial institutions to enable low-friction credit for their merchant partners at the point-of-sale stage.

The platform offers SME-focused commercial card products and is betting on the penetration of credit in the B2B payments ecosystem, which further got a fillip due to digitization in the past few years. 

Earlier this year, Rupifi raised $25 million as a part of its first round of institutional funding led by Bessemer Venture Partners and Tiger Global. Existing Investors Quona Capital and Ankur Capital also participated in the round, along with Silicon Valley-based early-stage investor, Better Capital. The company is also backed by other angel investors including Cred’s Kunal Shah and BharatPe’s Ashneer Grover. 

Rupifi was facing a communication and identity challenge 

According to Digital Trust & Safety Index by Sift in 2022, the payment fraud attack rate across fintech increased by 70% —making it the highest increase across any vertical. The increase in payment fraud also correlated with massive 121% growth in fintech transaction volumes on Sift’s network year-over-year, making this sector vulnerable to cybercriminals.

Method actors in the fraud economy are targeting the fintech sector in a big way. A number of fraudulent channels and groups on popular messaging apps are offering unlimited access to BNPL accounts through fake credit card numbers and compromised email addresses. 

Therefore, to protect their business from the backlash of identity thefts, the major fintech companies need to build a trustworthy and authentic identity across communication channels. On this front, Rupifi’s sales team wasn’t able to timely communication with prospects who wanted to 

  • Learn about Rupifi’s Checkout or BNPL solutions.

  • Choose the right pricing plan.

Reason being:  

  • The prospects weren’t able to recognize calls from Rupifi, as the company wasn’t using a Verified and Branded Caller ID for its business numbers.

  • No brand name or logo appeared on the prospects’ phone screen when Rupifi’s sales team tried calling. 

  • Prospects were suspicious of the unidentified caller.

Rupifi was looking for a solution:

  • To get a Verified Business Identity when calling prospects and deliver a positive experience. 

  • To make calls from the sales team appear trustworthy and authentic and improve conversions.

  • To create a strong brand recall at a high-touch channel like Voice Call. 

How Truecaller helps Rupifi have trusted communication with potential customers 

Our Verified Business Caller ID solution adds a layer of trust and distinctiveness to Rupifi’s customer communication with 

  • Green Screen - making the potential customers assured of the caller.  

  • Brand Visibility - allowing the prospects to instantly recognize the caller with a non-editable brand name and logo.  

  • Verified Business Badge - putting a stamp of genuineness and making Rupifi stand out from fraudulent callers. 

  • Call Reason - displaying the intent of the call even before it is pickup up. 

  • Business Category Tag - adding more personality to the call.

This is what a prospect (who wants to learn about Rupifi’s checkout solution or pricing plans) now sees when the sales representative reaches out.

The key outcomes

After enabling Verified Business Caller ID for their sales and support numbers, Rupifi is consistently clocking a calling efficiency of 45%, for the following use cases/call reasons: 

  • Query on pricing plan 

  • Call from the sales team